Our Practices



Creating tailored programmes that support and enhance your business reputation and goals is vital when it comes to Education as a sector. We think hard about the work we do to assist your organisation achieve its optimum targets now, and in the future. Our clients tell us our passion towards institutes we service stands out through pro-active approach by showcasing the blend of staff experience, courses bringing alive the skills and the diligent and thoughtful way we work for.

Entertainment & Brand & Consumer


We create and nurture strong connections between consumers and their brands through strategic and integrated programmes for leading and rising names. Since the consumer space is evolving, we stay ahead of the trends and help you engage with the right audience through the right means. The sports, art, lifestyle and entertainment segments are currently capturing consumer interest and we have brought  them into focus for your brands.

Corporate and Financial


The paradigms in the world of business are constantly changing, and it is very important for you to stay connected with your stakeholders highlighting the shifts. Corporate reputation is built on a strong foundation of trust and transparent communication timely. We help you build and sustain a relationship of trust with your stakeholders, whether they are in India or at a global level.

Telecomm and Technology


Staying ahead of the rapidly transforming world of technology, we help you create high-impact programmes that resonate with consumers, trade media and key industry experts. The telecom and technology sector is delineated into the consumer-facing solutions on one end and business-to-business solutions on the other. The approach for both has to be different and we provide our counsel with a clear line of sight for the desired impact.

Health and Wellness


An industry that is witnessing an increasing consumer interest and spend, a huge untapped segment and an evolving regulatory environment, this is clearly a sunshine sector. We provide you the tools to navigate the complex healthcare landscape and leverage opportunities to reach audiences across different sectors including pharmaceutical, healthcare providers, nutrition, wellness, cosmetic and consumer health.