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If medium is the body, Innovation is the soul of communication

Angela Minocha

For companies to communicate impactfully, it is important for the message to be presented creatively - Angela Minocha

As the ecosystems around us evolve, communication is becoming increasingly dynamic with the ‘How’ increasingly taking the center-stage from the ‘What’. Messages in their inherent nature are unilateral and therefore, the way they are communicated makes them multilateral.

For brands to communicate effectively it becomes pertinent that the messages are presented creatively. At White Marque Solutions (WMS) we look at communications to be highly creative and clutter-breaking. As an organisation that is consistently making attempts to be unique, bringing live different ways to approach media with stories, our talent attempt campaigns that are nothing less than impactful to who it is aimed at. Whether the audience is external or internal, expectations are sky-high.

Our organisational vision is to be the most admired Public Relations company by continuously Engaging and Enriching the life of relevant stakeholders through sustained innovation & thought leadership. Deriving from our vision, when we communicate, innovation and thought leadership take the center-stage, bolstered by the drive to be admired. Our approach to any communication campaign is based on the following three pillars:
  1. Pro-act: Understanding the beat of the reader is at the heart of every communication. We are also a country of opinions and as everyone knows, we love to get angry. However, are we getting angry for the right reasons is the question one needs to ask...We wish to soon amplify Behavioral Change Communication (BCC), aligned to the national agendas. At White Marque, each leaders vision is to ensure interactive communication.
  2. Disrupt the status quo: As a part of our Diversity and Inclusion Program, the communication aim is to change convention so we are at it.
  3. Voice for all: We have created a platform 'Friday Forums' where the people of White Marque do what they wish to do to - strengthen teams, empower themselves, enhance knowledge and understand different bent of mind. Everything WMS does is with tad bit of zing! Stories from travel dreams of our support staff to rapid-fire rounds with our leaders, there’s something for and from everyone in these fun forums. And the result? everyone prepares for these forums and pretty much the entire organisation spends time together. And that’s a lot considering the audiences loses interest in something every 8 seconds.

Research – The Master Key to Communication

Ria Hariramani

PR a word that just says something more than its abbreviation. As it is said that Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. It’s also an art of strategic management of relationships between an organization and its diverse public. PR focuses on promoting the image of a company or a famous person. These are some real important goals of a PR Professional which they assure to accomplish on everyday basis. Do we know what makes it easy to achieve such far reaching goals? The answer is one big fact word- RESERACH. Research is the key to all the unopened doors. While the meaning of Research says ’Investigate systematically’, it comprises of "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of humans, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications. " But to heck with that-We research to build a foundation. No building in world can stand tall unless its foundation is strong. We as PR professionals are no different. We are building ourselves up by building an undisputed image of our clients. It’s our solid foundation of research which will house the tall thought leaders. Is it easy? NO. Will it take time? YES. As they say Rome was not built in a day. Research, just like many is also a learning process. Being at a position to learn about the media field, to create ideas and getting hitched with the journalist you. Having hands on research makes it easier to understand and connect with it thoroughly. All it takes is an extra effort towards future achievements. A PR Professional is a role model for the client who assures them to find the best strategic and tactic accomplishment of a clients objective. The knowledge comes from a mix of experience, an understanding of the media and the client and quality research.

Why research is so important and a topic of discussion, you ask?
  1. Why research is so important and a topic of discussion, you ask?
  2. It tests and clarifies doubts and assumptions.
  3. Opportunities are somewhere surrounded. All you need a little bit of effort for your next step.
  4. It helps in forming strategy, monitor progress and evaluate performances.

Public Relations today is an effective mechanism for overcoming problems. Take it from a man who knows his business, Bill gates; the Chairman of Microsoft also believes in the importance of public relations “If I was down to the last dollar, I would spend it in Public relations.” He says. Editing trending and unique concepts to calling up your connective journo to bountiful campaign ideas all these are ducks that could fit in one pound only if the water is full onto their necessity. Researh also helps in handling crisis. Crisis comes now and then but to deal with them a well crafted concept and back up plans are achieved by having your hands on research. We explore, we rule, we conquer are the three signs that indicate we are walking on the right path. Knowledge is never harmful but HEY! Cautionary alert, Look through the source you believe into because your steps depend on the knowledge you’ve gained.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” REMEMBER THAT!

Pushing Boundaries

alt text

Dear Friends,

It’s almost half year gone by, we have truly tried to be more on every front. In this landmark year for us, we haven’t just planned celebrations but also taken the concept of Pushing Boundaries to everything we do—for our clients, our people and the soon it will be community. We have strived hard to ensure our efforts, approach as well as abilities intersect with the ethos and essentials required to be an exemplary organization. Our culture stimulates us not only to develop into a pathfinder but also gives us capability to become an architect in sculpting this thriving organization.

This year we took a step forward and created campaigns celebrating, encouraging conversations around mass impact. It is our belief that we have a big role to play as communicators in taking conversations ahead, and we want to do everything we can—not just by ourselves but also with and for our clients. I feel with time, every WMS-er fortifies and reinforces the following qualities namely - Challenge, Love, Pride and Passion in their DNA.


Challenge is what keeps wms-ers going. The only path to accomplish your potential and identify one’s true capacity is to move out from your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Everyone here loves challenges and ensure elevation of their own benchmarks to unleash a better version of themselves every day. There’s always a room for improvement and if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t uplift you. Challenge yourself with one crazy task every day and aim for the moon!


Being attached and affectionate towards your clients and colleagues will always nurture a positive relation among your stakeholders and also help you better in anticipating their moves. Even under immense pressure, a WMS-er will strive and be like a duck – at peace and composed; down below one is paddling rigorously to ensure that you exceed client’s ask and deliver on your commitments! Building trust and confidence of clients and feeling their pulse will ensure that the delivered output is identified and appreciated by them.

Pride & Passion

Many a times, we forget to take pride in our work; be it appreciation of concepts by journalists, clients, running successful campaigns or cracking impactful opportunities. We need to give prompt revert to mails, pitch our stories and make notes; but where’s the creativity? Embracing what we do, being passionate about it and seeing our output as an art is what makes us different. We take ownership of our art and feel a sense of pride in showcasing our work to the self-proclaimed Gurus of the world. We also own our mistakes, improvise, learn and celebrate our success. Continue being passionate and put your soul in what you do – it will be contagious, but it has to start from YOU.