Grow with us

Ajinkya Ahire
WMS has a culture of continuous improvement designed to challenge the people, foster their professional development to result in leading client counsel. This is how we live those values every day. Life at WMS is filled with twists and turns, full of adventure and new experiences. Just when you think you know everything there is to know about PR, the challenges over here always manage to surprise you. For someone like me who had no knowledge about PR, my journey has been full of surprises and adventure. Finding the right balance between our personal and working lives is key to maintaining health, productivity, creativity and overall job satisfaction. WMS continuously seek options and tools to enable employees to achieve their work/life balance goals.

Urvi Bhanushali
White Marque Solutions or WMS as its affectionately called is the perfect example of work meets fun. WMS gives you the most important thing that one needs out of a job-Freedom. We experience freedom of all sorts here. Freedom of thought, Freedom of creativity, Freedom of speech & mostly importantly freedom to fail and learn. We are a happy republic land in ourselves, if you see. People here are not just colleagues, they are friends and bosses are mentors who guide and mould you into a better and stronger professional. WMS is also one place where you get to learn the importance of individual efforts and witness the magic of team work.

Nirali Doshi
White Marque Solutions, a company that has redefined Public Relations and shaken the industry with their innovative strategies and campaigns. Joining the company as a complete fresher, this place has given me amazing opportunities to prove myself each day, month and year. At an age of 22 years, I was challenged to shoulder responsibilities, create campaigns, strategies of companies with more than 100+ crore turnover. Started as an intern, the journey has been a fun ride with amazing brands to work with. Within 4 years, I am glad to be leading a team of enthusiasts who are willing to INNOVATE each day and continue to work on the vision of redefining PR as a whole with Big impact outcome. It is highly satisfying when you become the face of the brand and the company.

Debolina Chakraborty
T: Together
E: Everyone
A: Achieves
M: More
Referring to the above, I would like to enlighten on the fact that the best team work experience I learnt in my journey is with my second family White Marque Solutions. I started my career here and now that a year has passed, I can confidently say, I have spent best days of my professional career here so far and looking forward to many more. The base of being a PR practioneer was imbibed within me, as soon as I joined the firm. The motto has always been “Make impossible possible”. Keeping the motto alive, I enjoy the power of multitasking here. Each and every day has been a great learning experience for me.

Fatema Khokhar
Most companies claim that they will not only give you great remuneration and a enviable job profile, but also provide you a platform to learn and get amazing exposure. This is a workplace that stands true to that claim. Not only has my personal career seen a upward rally but I have seen people around get amazing opportunities to learn and grow. White Marque Solutions is the perfect combination of professionalism with a personal touch. While we are formal right from our conduct to our attire, the team is like a family and connects with each other beyond work as well. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the WMS family, and will continue to be so!

Merlyn Fernandes
What makes the team stand apart is the zeal to achieve better and a hand to hold every one upward. And this is the virtue that keeps me hooked to White Marque Solutions. I am on a stage of completing the second year and what is captivating is that every day is a new challenge in the firm I am excited to take on. Growth comes handy but what seems certain is servicing the right kind of clients who have full faith in us to make impossible, possible.

Ameya Mondkar
Coming from commerce background, my voyage at WMS started with very limited knowledge about the media sector  but this place took no time to groom me and identify my potentials. Keeping faith and trust in my leadership qualities, it gave me opportunity to spearhead some key accounts which enhanced my decision making skills. Scope to spill out creative ideas, aggression and innovation keeps one at his toes at WMS. The hunger of creating newer benchmarks and achieving them keeps motivating and igniting the inner zeal.